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SC2 beta key EU 10$
  ToD, Apr 29 2010

ship me 10$ on ftp and its urs, send me pm if interested

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July so far (+Casino trip today)
  ToD, Jul 19 2009

Fucked up the title ~ July not June T_T writing at 1am

I play NL5 fullring on ps, after beginning the month with some really bad play late at night + some tilt i lost about 18BI on June 5th, had to pull through and do a lot of homework, i started playing a lot more solid recently, and won quite much the last 2 days ( weekends are sick at the micros , full of fishes bigger than me )

so heres my july winnings so far, bankroll is about 210, planning on giving NL10 a shot when i reach 250$

Today some friends texted me, i was supposed to go the casino in center of Seoul being in Coex, but the friend i was going with wanted to go to the much further away casino, the one with "better looking waitresses" .... So we flipped a coin for it and ended up going to his choice.

Now at these casinos they usually have 1000/2000won or 2000/5000won blinds, 1000 won being about 0.80$

But surprisingly tonight they only had 1 table running with 2/5, i didnt know if they were gonna open another table for 1/2 anytime soon so i chose to sit down, was told minimum buyin is 200 000, decided to buy in for 300 000, which is the amount i was gonna buy in for even at 1/2.

I folded a hand of two then i pickup AQo in SB, 2 guys limp i make it 30 000, 1 caller.
flop AJ2r i bet about 3/4 pot and he snap calls, i didnt have much info on the guy but he was asian and over 40 and usually those guys are stations, turn is a 4, i bet about 110 000 and he shoves over me, im commited and make the call thinking he could have AJ or AK but im pretty sure i have him.

How surprised was i when he showed A5o... River was a useless card and i doubled up very early.

Few hands later im dealt 79s, and limp, people love to limp in Korea, dont ask me why or how they just do. so almost everyone at the table limped and the flop is 774r, check check , some guy bet small , and i RR to 45, everyone folds except the guy who had originally raised calls me, its pretty obvious he has a 7 and he has more chips than me gonna have to proceed safely. Turn is a 9 giving me the nuts, he checks i raise again kinda strong once again knowing that he will call with his 7 and he does. Turn another 9, he bets kinda big but still smaller than what i had left, i push allin and he flips over A7 and seemed really pissed when he saw he was beat.

Two double up already and i have over 1 200 000.

Im card dead for about an hour limp a pot or two, never raised nor picked up any pocket. just observed and tried to kinda profile everyone.

Finally i pickup AA, some Japanese guy raises 15, and some guy who works as prop at the casino, Korean American calls, he was one of the good players at the table and was very deep. Im on the button and i make it 60 which in the moment i thought was good, but looking back at it wasnt enough because the first guy was a station and he was giving odds to the 2nd guy to call with almost any 2 cards seeing as how deep he and i were.

So they both call and the flop comes K33, the first Japanese guy bets like 10 000 into 180 000, and the Korean/American folds instantly, so im guessing he had a pocket and missed. I reraised him allin because he had about as much as pot and i think hes full of it.

He install calls making the pot about 650 000won, and flips over K2s then i think again WTF are they guys doing. Im like 91% favorite but a King comes on the turn crushing my hopes to win this pot, no Ace on the river.

After this i was a bit tilted to see this guy winning a single pot, calling 60 000 pf with K2s and i just went home shortly after. Being up 485 000won is not bad but today i should have won over a million, then again it could have been worse!

My friend who usually plays high stakes didnt play any big hand except one where he made a king high flush when someone had the nut flush and he lost about 300 000 in it.

If anyone plays fullring micro limits and wanna discuss hands or poker with me u can leave me ur msn in comments ~

GL guys!

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betpot script
  ToD, May 26 2009

how to open .ahk file plz !

anyone ?

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